When do I need a zoning permit?

How do I make a complaint?

What is a Zoning Determination?

House has junk and trash everywhere outside, what can I do?

When should I make a complaint or tall grass involving a property in my neighborhood, who would I contact?

They make a lot of noise, who do I call?

What is a "Setback" and what are mine?

What is a commercial vehicle?

Where can I build a shed or a detached garage and how big can it be?

Can I build an addition or deck onto my home?

Can I make an apartment for my parents at my home?

Is it possible to have a daycare in my home?

Opening an Auto Sales Business:

What is RPA or CRPA?

What is an easement and how close can I build to it?

Will Stafford County take down my neighbors dead tree?

What do I need to Install a fence on my property?

Where can I locate a pool on my property?

Can I put up a Yard Sale Sign?