How do I make a complaint?

What is a Zoning Determination?

My neighbor's yard is a littered and unkept. What can I do?

When should I make a complaint about tall grass involving a property in my neighborhood?

How do I report noisy neighbors?

What is a "Setback" and what are mine?

What is a commercial vehicle?

Do I need a permit for a shed or a detached garage? How big can it be?

What's required to build an addition or deck?

Can I make an apartment for my parents at my home?

Can I operate a daycare in my home?

Opening an Auto Sales Business:

What is RPA or CRPA?

What is an easement and how close can I build to it?

Will Stafford County take down my neighbors dead tree?

Are there permit, height or location requirements for fences?

What are the requirements for installing a pool?

Can I put up a Yard Sale Sign?

How can I find the zoning of my property?

What are the regulations for keeping chickens at my house?

Can I keep bee hives at my house?

Where can I find a plat of my property?

What are the regulations for home-based businesses?

Where can I find commercial sign requirements?

What type of approval is needed to host events?

How many inoperable or junk vehicles are allowed on a poperty?

I'd like to subdivide my land. What are the requirements?

I'm interested in opening a Kennel/Doggy Day Care at my home. What are the requirements?

When do I need a zoning permit?