Blu's News

Welcome to Blu’s News! Blu, a great blue heron, is Stafford’s new virtual ambassador and part of our brand, so we thought Blu’s News was the perfect segue for our brand-new newsletter to Stafford County’s residents. This newsletter will be sent out monthly, with links to all the essential and helpful information we publish in stories and press releases on our website. We will also have a section of video recordings for each Board of Supervisors member to update their districts. Lastly, there will be an upcoming events schedule, so you know when we have holiday closings or special events. This effort is part of our continuing focus to engage Stafford County residents to communicate what your local government is doing for you.

What and who exactly is Blu? Blu is our new virtual ambassador, accessible 24-7 on our website. The goal is for Blu to make everyone feel like assistance is just a touch away. Blu will work to answer questions as quickly as possible. And if Blu cannot find that answer immediately, Blu will transfer the user to a subject matter expert. Once transferred, the user can interact via a new mobile app, text or email. We want to be as adaptable and convenient to our residents.