Community Survey Indicates Satisfaction with Safety, Personal Economic Impact and Other Improvements

Stafford is a secure and safe place to live, according to Stafford County’s second community survey results. Eight in 10 residents felt very or somewhat safe from disasters, violent crimes and property crimes. Residents also gave high marks to emergency preparedness and the economy’s impact on family income. Mobility, including ease of travel by car and public transportation, also scored higher than in the first survey, showing improvement. Stafford contracted with Polco, a community engagement polling company, to complete the survey, which compares results with more than 500 communities across the nation containing more than 50 million residents. The responses from this survey are used to help the Board of Supervisors with their annual financial planning process alongside Stafford’s Strategic Plan.

"Our Board of Supervisors places a great value on public safety, and it is gratifying to see that our investment in our Sheriff’s Office and Fire and Rescue is valued and recognized by the community," said Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Meg Bohmke, Falmouth District. "We have also been working hard to complement the work of VDOT with transportation projects and the survey indicates resident satisfaction is going in the right direction.”

Stafford scored very similarly to the communities included in Polco's National Community Survey database. Stafford was scored on the 12 facets of community life, including economy, mobility, community design, utilities, safety, and more. Residents were asked about their opinions on the quality of the facets of community life and their views of the importance of each.

Polco found several key findings provided in the report. Below are a few of those findings:

Key Finding – Stafford County residents experience a positive quality of life and a strong sense of safety.

Key Finding – Residents see the economy as having a positive impact on their families.

Key Finding – Mobility segments have shown improvement in many areas of the County.

The presentation to the Board of Supervisors and complete survey results may be found at