Stafford County Field Hockey has a champion in Carol Lysher

Field Hockey has a history in Stafford County.  Carol Lysher is not only a part of that history, she is also part of its future in Stafford County. By partnering with Stafford County Parks, Recreation, Facilities and Tourism, she has used her expertise and her passion to reach a new generation of Field Hockey players. 

Following her collegiate career, Carol coached field hockey at North Stafford High School for sixteen years, but her passion for playing the game has never ended. Following a discussion with her former field hockey assistant, she approached Parks, Recreation, Facilities and Tourism to launch a program for younger players.  Her vision was to create a bridge between middle school players and high school players and to cultivate additional interest in Field Hockey.  This partnership with Parks, Recreation, Facilities and Tourism resulted in an introductory summer camp experience and the inaugural 2023 season where 83 players between the ages of 6 - 11 participated.     

Returning as a coach and mentor, Carol finds it rewarding watching new players enjoying the game and learning more about the sport.  In addition, she is hopeful that one day these players could earn scholarships since Field Hockey is now included in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Playing sports is empowering and Carol believes field hockey, in particular, is a strong draw for girls. It’s a challenging game that requires problem solving and team building skills.  Carol feels that the partnership makes perfect sense. The artificial surface of Stafford’s fields is ideal for playing field hockey. The game plays much quicker on this type of field; there are no clumps of grass to slow down the ball and it actually makes playing the game easier.

Most of all, Carol enjoys seeing participants having fun. Players’ enthusiasm for drills and traditions, like the end of practice cheer, reflect their love of the sport. Truly everyone agrees that the 2023 season was a triumph because people familiar with the sport stepped in to help. A network of passionate volunteers coached this inaugural season of field hockey to ensure its success. Moving forward, the goal is to recruit even more volunteers and to enlist senior high school players to assist.

The 2024 spring field hockey season starts soon. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.  You can register and find more information at . Registration closes February 18. If you are interested in volunteering or coaching, please contact 540-658-4572.