Stafford Updates Strategic Plan for 2024 - 2029

Stafford County recently reevaluated and updated its Strategic Plan for 2024 – 2029 to reflect the growing County's needs and the results of its first community survey. A strategic plan helps an organization define its vision for the future and identify its goals and objectives. Stafford conceived its first-ever strategic plan in 2018, with that plan's initiatives ending in 2022. Therefore, the Board took the necessary time to review the plan and develop new initiatives to meet the changes and demands of a growing county, expecting that new initiatives would be developed in 2030. The revised strategy focuses on transportation, a vibrant community, educational and wellness partnerships, public safety, economic diversification, excellence in governance and growth management.

"The latest Strategic Plan shows the priorities for Stafford constituents, which reflect those of the respondents in the 2022 Community Survey and the many challenges and opportunities important to the Board," said Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Pamela Yeung, Garrisonville District. "It is of great value that Stafford County continues to implement strategic management practices that will align to support our mission and vision as detailed in Stafford County 2040."

Stafford 2040 details a vision for the county in 2040 and what steps need to be taken to move the county forward. The Strategic Plan outlines actions to take to achieve that vision. The seven priorities for 2024 – 2029 include the following:

  • Develop a Multimodal Infrastructure and Transportation System – Further infrastructure development in the community to provide an enhanced level of service.
  • Engage in Partnerships to Provide Quality Educational and Wellness Opportunities – Stafford County provides unparalleled education and wellness opportunities for all citizens.
  • Economic Diversification – A community able to withstand any situation to minimize the fiscal impact on residents in sustaining a high quality of life. (This ability was cited as a factor in all three ratings agencies affirming Stafford's triple AAA bond ratings recently.)
  • Growth Management for Community Sustainability – Stafford County channels growth into targeted areas and protects the county's natural and historical resources.
  • Vibrant Community Through the Arts, Recreation, Culture, History and Tourism – Where "MADE IN STAFFORD" lives in the arts we make, a culture that thrives, the history we live and the way we recreate attracts residents and travelers.
  • Dedicated and Responsive Public Safety Team – Stafford County remains a safe community that is responsive to its citizens' needs with highly trained, dedicated and well-equipped emergency personnel.
  • Excellence in Governance with Transformational Leadership – Stafford County works together to provide a responsive, customer-focused experience and deliver common sense approaches to policies and services for our community.

To view the Strategic Plan for 2024 – 2029, please visit County staff will begin to develop work plans to accomplish 29 initiatives under the seven priorities provided in the plan. Those work plans will be returned to the Board for review and approval. Any updates will be provided at the link above.