Stafford Prioritizes Collaboration in Structural Enhancement

Stafford County Administrator Randal Vosburg announces the creation of four new functional areas to enhance collaboration and customer service. Mr. Vosburg brings a new vision with guidance from the Board of Supervisors to prioritize efficiency and innovation, increasing resource allocation and communication among departments.

“It is always energizing starting from a fresh perspective and being given excellent opportunities to identify new ways to improve service to this community,” said Mr. Vosburg, who became County Administrator on July 5, 2022. “During my time at Stafford, I am amazed at what we accomplish and provide our residents and visitors. Bringing departments with similar functions together with untapped synergies will only strengthen our ability to serve.”

This alignment brings services together under four functional areas of government. The first two areas are Community Development and Infrastructure, led by Chief Directors Paul Santay and Bryon Counsel, respectively. Community Development will include Development Services, Economic Development and Planning and Zoning. Infrastructure will include Capital Projects, Transportation and Utilities. Santay and Counsel will continue to report to Michael Morris, Deputy County Administrator.

The following two areas, Financial and Information Services, are overseen by Chief Directors Andrea Light and Andrew Spence, respectively. Financial Services will include Budget and Management, Finance and Procurement, while Information Services will consist of Information Technology, Mapping and Geographic Information and Community Engagement. Light and Spence will report to Donna Krauss, Deputy County Administrator.

These changes will increase departmental collaboration and generate more efficient pathways to achieve the Board’s soon-to-be updated Strategic Plan Priorities.