Stafford Provides Multiple Options for News and Information

Stafford County Government provides a plethora of services to the public. Because the County serves the public, sharing information via as many media channels as possible is crucial. Stafford’s Community Engagement Office works daily to disseminate valuable news via Stafford’s website, social media and the new community newsletter, Blu’s News. With so many options, learning where to look for information is important.

Stafford County publishes all its news stories and press releases on the website at As well emergency information is shared there. You can sign up to receive email updates when information is shared.

News stories and press releases are also linked on Stafford’s social media channels. Brief information and updates are shared on social media as well. Depending on what you are looking for, one of the Facebook pages below could answer your questions. You can also visit for all of our social media links:

  • Stafford County Government – The official government Facebook page for Stafford County.
  • Tour Stafford VA – This page has excellent information on events, places to visit, and entertainment options.
  • Stafford Parks – Stafford Parks shares events, deadlines and closings for all the wonderful things happening in Stafford’s park system.
  • Stafford County Emergency Management – If you are looking to prepare for an emergency or looking for trusted information during an emergency, this is the page for you.
  • Stafford County Fire and Rescue – This page provides fire safety tips and trusted information during an emergency.
  • Stafford, VA Economic Development – Economic Development’s page contains helpful tips and links for businesses, upcoming networking and learning events, and information on starting a business in Stafford County.
  • Office of Stafford County Sheriff – This page is an excellent resource for reassurance during incidents in Stafford or trusted information during an emergency.

In addition to Facebook, Stafford has a robust page on NextDoor. If you are unfamiliar with NextDoor, you can sign up for news in your neighborhood and surrounding area and follow community pages like Stafford County Government. It is a handy site for staying abreast of neighborhood news.

Stafford debuted its new Instagram page earlier in the summer. Stafford’s Instagram page (@staffordvagov) is a more creative, interactive social media presence with original videos, photos and day-to-day “Did You Know” information to help residents complete business. As well, followers can message Stafford and make suggestions and requests.

Lastly, another recently debuted innovation was Stafford’s new digital community newsletter, Blu’s News. “Blu’s News” is a play on the County’s new virtual information ambassador, Blu the great blue heron. The newsletter is published once a month via email subscription. It features stories, press releases about Stafford County, and video updates from each Board of Supervisors member. An events calendar lists County closings and special events. You may sign up to receive the newsletter at