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Spring Transportation Update for Stafford County

Stafford County is making significant progress on transportation projects from the $50 million 2019 Transportation Bond Referendum. Voters authorized Stafford to borrow up to $50 million to leverage funding from state and local sources for transportation projects around the county. The projects are being undertaken as sources of revenue become available.

The projects include eight major road projects and 35 road widening and safety improvement projects within Stafford County. So far in 2022, the shoulders of eight more miles of road have been widened. This type of project gives drivers more room to pull over if necessary with wider travel lanes and shoulder areas. Portions of Hartwood Road, Mountain View Road and Winding Creek Road have been recently widened. Later this spring, vegetation will be removed along Mountain View Road between Kellogg Mill Road and Centreport Parkway.

Enon Road Improvement Project ($11.6 million)

The Enon Road Improvement Project will begin its preliminary engineering and design work shortly in the Spring of 2022 to widen approximately 0.63 miles of Enon Road (RT 753). The project will also provide safety improvements such as two‐way turn lanes and a five-foot concrete sidewalk.

Shelton Shop Road Improvement Project ($29.9 million)

VDOT has started preliminary engineering and design work on the Shelton Shop Road Improvement Project, and survey work is underway. The project will widen and realign approximately 1.99 miles and provide 11‐foot travel lanes with 6‐foot shoulders. Several intersections will be converted to roundabouts to improve safety and traffic flow, and a 10-foot wide shared-use path for bicycle and pedestrian accommodation will be constructed.

U.S. Route 1 and Courthouse Road Intersection Improvement Project ($21,936,325)

Stafford has also begun the utility relocation work in advance of construction on the U.S. Route 1 and Courthouse Road (SR-630) Intersection Improvement Project, widening approximately 0.65 miles of Route 1. This project is in addition to the transportation bond projects. The demolition of six buildings has been completed, which is the first step in the project.

Berea Church Road Improvement Project ($8,029,251)

Stafford is also beginning utility relocation work on the Berea Church Road Improvement Project. This project will reconstruct Berea Church Road from the intersection with Truslow Road (SR-652) to the intersection with Warrenton Road (US-17) using VDOT 3R standards. Improvements will include roadway geometry, paved shoulders, drainage improvements and wider lanes. Bicycle and pedestrian accommodations will also be included in this project, utilizing the paved shoulder.

Route 1 and Telegraph Road/Woodstock Lane Intersection Improvement Project ($10,489,43)

Utility relocation work associated with the Route 1 and Telegraph Road/Woodstock Lane Intersection Improvement Project is slated to begin this summer. This project will consist of intersection improvements on Richmond Highway (Route 1) at the intersections of Telegraph Road (RT 637) and Woodstock Lane (RT 639). Telegraph Road will be realigned at the intersection with Richmond Highway, and a new traffic signal will be installed. Route 1 will be widened at the intersection with Woodstock Lane to install a concrete median that will restrict turning movements at this intersection. Following the project's construction, southbound Route 1 traffic will be able to make a left onto Woodstock Lane, but due to the median, traffic exiting Woodstock Lane will only be allowed to turn right onto Route 1 northbound.

With the Board of Supervisors' approval of the FY23-32 Transportation Capital Improvement Plan at the April 19, 2022 meeting, several Bond Referendum projects are scheduled to begin design work in FY23. These projects include improvements to the Route 1 and Layhill Road intersection, the widening of Onville Road and Leeland Road to provide a two-way left-turn lane down the middle of the roadway along with pedestrian accommodations, and the widening of Garrisonville Road between Shelton Shop and Eustace Road.

Transportation remains a priority for Stafford's Board of Supervisors. Stafford County is continually improving its roads to make them as safe as possible for the community. As progress on Bond projects continues, you can find more information by visiting