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Residents Asked to Complete Community Survey

Stafford is conducting its first-ever community survey and is asking residents to complete it. The responses from the survey will be used to help the Board of Supervisors formulate their next three-year plan for implementing Stafford's Strategic Plan. The survey is a holistic survey, covering residents' views on every service provided to our county by every level of government, not just Stafford County Government. This data will help the Board formulate plans for the community and help it to lobby for Stafford on the state and federal levels. The survey results will also allow Stafford to benchmark its progress compared to other localities nationwide.

Stafford contracted with Polco, a community engagement polling company, to conduct a two-part community survey: a non-biased survey targeted at a smaller random group of residents equidistant around the county; and an "inclusive" survey open to all residents. The purpose of the first survey was to ensure responses across a broad spectrum of the population. The second survey is for everyone and will provide more data depending on who answers it. The whole community survey is designed to give an accurate snapshot of the current opinions of the constituency while empowering the community to give input.

The survey results will be presented on May 17, 2022, at the Board of Supervisors meeting. Again, the data will be used to help inform the decisions of the Board of Supervisors in the decisions they make to plan for Stafford's future.

To complete the survey portion open to all residents, please visit The survey is estimated to take 17 minutes and requires you to create an account. The survey will close on April 28, 2022. Help Stafford to make our community even better!