Stafford Adopts New Election Districts

At the March 15, 2022, Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board adopted Proposed Ordinance 022-08, an ordinance describing new election district boundaries, voting precincts and polling locations in Stafford County. After a public hearing upon this ordinance, the vote was taken as one of the final steps in a months-long process required by Virginia state law and dependent on the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Census results and publication. The changes affect all of the election districts in Stafford except for the Garrisonville District, which will remain the same. Ten new polling locations were also established to accommodate the change in Stafford’s population, and each election district got at least one new precinct.

Significant changes include:

  • All of Quantico is now in Griffis-Widewater
  • The Rock Hill boundary moved south to Poplar Road
  • All of Aquia Harbour in Aquia District rather than split with Griffis-Widewater
  • The Falmouth boundary moves north towards Courthouse Road
  • The George Washington boundary extends to Celebrate Virginia and Hartwood is now entirely on the west side of I-95
  • The Garrisonville boundary is unchanged

New precincts include:

  • Hartwood District: 104 – Westlake at Richland Baptist, 106 – Forge at Colonial Forge High School
  • Rock Hill District: 203 – Polling location was changed from AG Wright Middle School to Rock Hill Baptist Church, 205 – Mount Ararat at Mount Ararat Church
  • Griffis-Widewater District: 304 – Precinct name was changed from North Aquia to Aquia Episcopal where the polling location is located, 305 - Griffis at Kate Waller-Barrett Elementary, 306 – Midway at Shirley Heim Middle School
  • Aquia District: 403 – Harbour at Harbour Country Club (existing polling location that moved to the Aquia District from Griffis-Widewater), 405 – Hope at Stafford Elementary School
  • Falmouth District: 505 – Eskimo Hill at the Rowser Building
  • George Washington District: 605 – Melchers at the Melchers Complex
  • Garrisonville District: 701 – Precinct name was changed from Woodlands to Park Ridge, 704 – Poole at H.H. Poole Middle School

When local redistricting is complete, every registered voter will receive a new voter’s registration card with their polling location included. To review a presentation on redistricting, visit this link or for this link and additional information. Furthermore, the Board of Supervisors and Community Engagement will be working with the Voter Registrar’s office to enhance voter education and understanding of changes for this upcoming election cycle.