Stafford Launches Second Virtual Field Trip with Schools

Stafford's first virtual field trip partnership with Stafford County Public Schools was so successful a second virtual field trip is being launched. The winner of national and state awards quickly became an adaptable way to reach more classrooms and students. Next up is a video on how clean water from the taps is produced.

"The pandemic changed how we all had to conduct business. This was one of the initiatives we are delighted to continue," said Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Crystal Vanuch. "We can educate children at the same time as exposing them to possible careers in our cutting-edge water treatment facilities."

The new video takes place at the Lake Mooney Water Treatment Facility. Lake Mooney is Stafford's five-billion-gallon reservoir, a reservoir designed to meet the community's water needs for years to come. Stafford County worked with the schools to incorporate components of the Virginia Department of Education's grade six science standards of learning (SOL) into the virtual water treatment facility tour. The concepts demonstrated by the tour are also valuable for fourth-grade science as well as high school students taking environmental science, ecology, and earth science.

Facility tours have long been a valuable learning tool because they encourage students to think about responsible water use and the complexity of the water cycle. Every home and business in Stafford County uses water. Teaching students about the water treatment process allows them to understand the impact they can have on preserving our natural waterways and the wildlife that depend on them—by conserving water, not littering, picking up after pets, and not swimming in drinking water reservoirs.

"In addition to ensuring high-quality drinking water, Stafford County is committed to protecting our natural water resources," says Lake Mooney Water Treatment Facility Manager Matt Sauter. 

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