Stafford's New Online Budget Book More Accessible for Residents

Stafford County has implemented a new online budget book to make the budget process more accessible for residents and to help fulfill the Board of Supervisors' desire for greater transparency. The online book replaces an actual book with hundreds of pages published in PDF form on the County's Website, a state that was difficult to search. The new online book allows users to pick a department with one click and have access to all that department's budget items and a choice of charts in which to view data.

"The online budget book will bring our budget to the tips of our residents' fingers in a much more efficient way," said Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Crystal Vanuch. "We cannot do our job without the input from the public. Making sure information is available for civic participation is a priority for us."

The online budget book will also be an excellent tool for staff, streamlining the budget process and making information more readily accessible. It will also save time and make the process more efficient for Budget and Management employees. Plans call for including the Capital Improvement Program in the future, with information and documentation on future projects. The Technical Review Committee will be able to review and score projects within the platform.

Currently, the Online Budget Book contains the Fiscal Year 2022 Adopted Budget and some information from previous years' budgets. The next item to be uploaded will be the FY2023 Proposed Budget. That will occur in February of 2022 once the County Administrator presents the proposed budget to the Board of Supervisors. Typically, the proposed budget is approved in late April.

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