Little Falls Run Wastewater Treatment Facility Turns 30

Constructed in 1991, the same year the world wide web was launched to the public, Little Falls Run Wastewater Treatment Facility has a lot to celebrate on its 30th birthday! The plant, which cleans the water of the lower half of Stafford County, has been nationally recognized by the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) for its excellence in wastewater treatment.

Deputy County Administrator Mike Smith, whose 36-year career in Utilities and who was the first plant manager for Little Falls Run, credits good planning to the facility's success. "Our Board and our employees were very deliberate in staying abreast of innovation, allowing this plant to provide an incredibly high level of service. As well, the value of the depth of knowledge possessed by the employees cannot be underestimated."

Little Falls Run has won the Platinum Peak Performance Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) for more than 17 years in a row. The award reflects 100 percent compliance with permits. In 2020, Little Falls was one of only 12 facilities in Virginia that won the Platinum award.

The plant, built with an eye to the future, has sought out and employed cutting-edge technology over the years. The plant has a history of using advanced technology that was ahead of its time. That innovation, coupled with the considerable institutional knowledge of the workers at Little Falls, has been a recipe for success.

Today, Little Falls takes in and cleans over three million gallons of water each day and continues to do its part to keep local waterways clean as well as the Chesapeake Bay. Their work is vital to our community and the responsibility of being good stewards of our environment. Happy birthday to Little Falls Run Wastewater Treatment Plant, and thank you for a job well done! To learn more, watch the video below.