2019 Transportation Bond: An Overview of the Referendum

Stafford’s Board of Supervisors is asking citizens to consider a $50 million bond referendum on the November 5 ballot. Stafford County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the Commonwealth, and the Board is committed to finding solutions to Stafford’s traffic challenges. A referendum is a general vote by the electorate on a single ballot question. The bond referendum is a mechanism that could have a significant impact on the future of transportation in the County, providing funding to assist with eight major projects and 35 road widening and safety improvement projects.  The projects were identified via a Comprehensive Road evaluation (www.staffordcountyva.gov/roadystudy) completed earlier this year that ranked road projects throughout the County in an objective, data-driven analysis.

If a majority of voters approves the question, the County can issue general obligation bonds to make improvements to the following existing County roads:

Major Construction Projects

Enon Road Leeland Road Onville Road
Garrisonville Road Morton Road Shelton Shop Road
Layhill Road Mountain View Road


 Road Widening and Safety Improvement Projects 

Andrew Chapel Road Garrisonville Road Rock Hill Church Road
Barrett Heights Road Hartwood Road Spotted Tavern Road
Brent Point Road Heflin Road Stefaniga Road
Brooke Road Joshua Road Tacketts Mill Road
Courthouse Road Kellogg Mill Road Telegraph Road
Cropp Road Little Whim Road Truslow Road
Decatur Road McWhirt Loop Woodstock Lane
Enon Road Poplar Road Winding Creek Road 
Falls Run Drive Potomac Run Road
Ferry Road Ramoth Church Road


Upon receiving the possible sources of funding identified by the Comprehensive Road Study, the Board of Supervisors felt that the amount identified was insufficient to do the work the Board felt was needed. They held several transportation work sessions to determine and evaluate multiple funding options. After narrowing down the final list of road projects, the Board came to a consensus to ask the citizens of Stafford County to consider the $50 million bond referendum to leverage multiple sources of funding to complete $140 million in road projects.

Leading up to the General Election, Stafford County will continue to provide more information for citizens. Information will include examinations of the major road projects and the road widening and safety improvement projects with a final summary of all the information. Residents should also expect to receive a mailer with the transportation bond referendum material. To find out more information and answers to some of your questions, please visit the 2019 Bond Referendum webpage at www.staffordcountyva.gov/bond.