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Active Duty Military
Personal Property owned by active duty military persons whose legal residence is not Virginia, is exempt from taxation under the Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA). 

To apply for the military exemption program the service member must email the following documents: 

The following property is not eligible for this exemption and is fully taxable:  

  • Property co-owned with any person not active duty military (unless exempted by Military Spouses Residents Relief Act)
  • Property used in a trade or business

Active Duty Military Spouses

On January 1, 2010, motor vehicles and other tangible personal property owned by a spouse of a service member may be subject to the same tax treatment currently accorded the service member, whether the property is owned or titled in the name of the service member, spouse, or both names jointly.

To apply for the military exemption program the service member's spouse must email the following documents:

From the service member

From the service member's spouse: 

Disabled Veterans Tax Relief 
There is a statewide provision to provide personal property tax relief on the principal place of residence occupied by the veteran and up to 1 acre of land and one vehicle owned (not leased); see Code of Virginia 58.1-3668 Section 19 and 58.1-3219.5. You only need to apply once.  

The veteran is required to contact our office if:

  • Principal place of residence changes (no longer occupied by veteran)
    • Call (540) 658-4132 ext. 1140
  • Vehicle exemption designation changes
    • Call (540) 658-4132 option 1
The following conditions must be met and be provided on the Benefits Summary and Service Verification Letter to qualify:

  • Your disability is service-connected
  • Your disability rating is 100% (or you are rated unemployable)
  • You are considered totally and permanently disabled due to the service-connected disability
  • The effective date of when you became totally and permanently disabled due to your service-connected disabilities
The following three (3) documents must be provided with the application: 

  •  Benefit Summary and Service Verification Letter 
  • Photo copy of Driver's License 
  • Recent utility bill as proof of primary residency. A letter of connection or service for an electric or water/sewer company can be accepted in lieu of a utility bill and must contain the veteran's and/or spouse's name, service address and date of connection

Please allow 30 business days to process the application.  Calling or visiting our office before 30 business days will cause a delay in the application process.

To request a pre-approval letter for property not yet owned in Stafford or an updated letter for your mortgage company, call Judy Dunigan at (540) 658-4132 ext. 1140.  


Surviving Spouse (of Deceased Disabled Veteran) 
For those who meet the following criteria may be granted relief: 

  • The disabled veteran met the eligibility criteria above for tax relief
  • The death of the veteran occurred on or after Jan. 1, 2011
  • The surviving spouse does not remarry
  • The surviving spouse continues to occupy the property as a principal place of residence

Surviving Spouse (Killed in Action) 
Real estate taxes for the surviving spouse of any member of the armed forces of the United States who was killed in action as determined by the U.S. Department of Defense may be relieved if the following criteria are met:

  • The member of the armed forces was killed in action after Jan 1, 2015
  • The surviving spouse has a qualifying principal residence on the date the armed forces member was killed in action
  • The surviving spouse does not remarry
  • The surviving spouse continues to occupy the property as a principal place of residence