The Stafford Board of Supervisors and Stafford County employees continually challenge themselves to think innovatively and creatively. In 2010, the Board authorized the County Administrator to implement the Creative Solutions and Innovations Employee Incentive Program to encourage efficiency and resourcefulness within County government, and to recognize the efforts of employees who have helped the County become more efficient through creative and innovative thinking. Specifically, the program is designed to reward employees for creative and innovative suggestions that will:
  • Reduce or eliminate costs
  • Improve or enhance overall operations to the County and/or services to citizens
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of the services the County provides to its citizens
  • Provide the safest work environment and community for the County’s employees and citizens
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase employee morale
  • Promote a positive image for the County
Through an application process, employees are encouraged to submit ideas for award consideration. Awards for ideas with both tangible and intangible results will be considered as well as awards for safety and innovation.

The program is funded through cost savings generated through employee innovation. No County funds will be used on this program.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee consists of an employee from Finance and Budget, Human Resources, Public Information, Utilities, Sheriff/Fire and Rescue, a citizen representative appointed by the Board and a business representative appointed by the Board.

The Awards Coordinator is the Human Resources Director or designee.

Changes to the Employee Incentive Program

The Committee may make recommendation to modify the suggestion process of the Employee Incentive Program. However, no changes may be made to the amounts of the awards without County Administrator/Board of Supervisor approval.