Volunteer Opportunities

PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM DIRECTLY BELOW TO BECOME A VOLUNTEER. Volunteers must go through a background check done by Stafford County Department of Social Services to participate in charity events. Thank you. 

Volunteer Application
Volunteer Application


 Stafford County Department of Social Services welcomes involvement from individuals, businesses, churches and organizations who would like to make an impact in the community. There are several ways to become a community partner throughout the year.

Volunteers are generally utilized during the holidays, as our children’s security is our upmost responsibility. 

COATS AND WARM WEATHER GEAR:  As we enter the cold months we are always collecting warm weather materials such as coats, sweatshirts, long pants, gloves, mittens, hats and scarfs. Please contact Erin Riley for drop off options.

Backpacks and Back-To-School Supplies For Children In Need:
Stafford County Department of Social Services collaborates with community partners during the month of August to provide backpacks and back-to-school supplies for children and families in need. Community partners are needed to collect backpacks and school supplies for boys and girls in elementary, middle and high school. A generic list of school supplies by grade level is available to make collection efforts easier for those interested in partnering with us.

Holiday Assistance For Children,Seniors and Disabled Individuals In Need:
For over 40 years Stafford County Department of Social Services has partnered with individuals, businesses, churches and community organizations to provide food and gifts to thousands of eligible children, seniors and disabled individuals in Stafford County. Community sponsors are needed to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets as well as holiday gifts for children and individuals in need. Sponsors can specify the number of children and/or individuals they wish to “adopt” by completing a Community Sponsor form and can choose the type of holiday assistance they want to provide. Stafford DSS also welcomes financial assistance and/or gift card donations (Walmart/Target/Weis) to help fulfill wish lists.

Easter Baskets For Children In Need:
With the help of generous community partners, Stafford County Department of Social Services provides Easter baskets for children in need. Each spring, individuals, businesses, churches and community organizations are needed to collect items and assemble Easter baskets for children in foster care and those in need. Baskets can be geared towards toddlers, pre-k, elementary and/or middle school age boys and girls and include items such as coloring books, sidewalk chalk, crayons, markers, notepads, bubbles, candy and stuffed animals. Stafford DSS collects Easter Baskets each year throughout the month of March. 

Annual Golf Classic For Kids:
Every year in June, Stafford County Department of Social Services hosts a golf tournament at Augustine Golf Club to benefit children and families served by Social Services. Proceeds from the event support our special welfare fund and holiday program for children and families in need. The special welfare fund is used to address emergency needs that cannot be funded by federal, state or local appropriations. These funds provide an annual trip to Kings Dominion for children in foster care, as well as cover expenses related to special formula for infants, emergency food for families and the elderly, prescriptions for those not on Medicare or Medicaid and other emergency needs for children and families at high risk of abuse, neglect or foster care placement. Community sponsors and golfers are needed for this fun community fundraising event each year.  Registration forms and information is posted online in early Spring.

Assist Local Seniors
Our needs are in one-time projects to help around the house for our older citizens. 1-7 projects total a year. 

Such activities may include:

  • Wheelchair ramp repair (boards coming up or need to be replaced)
  • Stair repair (replace boards)
  • Electric repairs (electric outlets that need to be replaced)
  • Door fixed (storm door fixed, install a new lock, door needs to be put back on hinges b/c of Fire & Rescue had to enter home due to emergency situation)
  • Yard Work (not on a regular basis, Cut grass, rake leaves, cut bushes)
  • Firewood Needed
  • Moving/removing furniture/appliances (putting a donated refrigerator into a clients house, getting rid of furniture a client doesn’t need/impeding floor space due to mobility issues)
  • Minor home repairs (simple projects)
  • Housekeeping (not on regular basis, one time clean-up b/c been sick)
  • Laundry (not on a regular basis, haven’t been able to wash clothes b/c been sick or before going to Nursing Home/Assisted Living Facility)
  • Hoarding situation (Help with big clean-up, one or two days, taking trash out to dumpster)

If interested in becoming a community partner for any of the above programs, please contact Erin Riley, Volunteer Services Coordinator at (540) 658-8730.