Energy Assistance

common.helpPlease visit the State site Virginia COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program

The purpose of the Energy Assistance Program is to help eligible low-income households offset expenses associated with heating and/or cooling their home. The program consists of three components: 

Cooling Assistance
During the summer, Cooling Assistance helps with cooling equipment repairs or purchases and with payment of the electric bill to operate cooling equipment for households containing a vulnerable individual who is aged, disabled or under age six.

Fueling Assistance
In the winter, Fuel Assistance helps eligible households with the cost of heating their homes. Benefits are determined and authorizations for deliveries or services are sent to vendors in December.

Crisis Assistance
Crisis Assistance is intended to meet a household’s emergency heating needs. This assistance provides help with heating emergency situations through payment of primary heat security deposits, utility heating bills, repair/replacement of heating equipment, primary heating fuel, or emergency shelter.

Each of the three components has income and non-financial requirements.

For more information regarding Energy Assistance Programs, please visit the Virginia Department of Social Services.

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