Residential Drainage: Stormwater Management

When it rains, the water that does not soak into the ground flows off streets, parking lots, lawns and driveways, collecting pollutants from pet waste, pesticides, fertilizers and other contaminants along the way. This stormwater runoff then flows directly into the county storm drains where it eventually flows -untreated- into our rivers, streams and the Chesapeake Bay.  

While Stafford County and the Virginia Department of Transportation have mechanisms in place to manage and maintain storm systems within County easements or public street rights-of-way, the storm systems on private property are the responsibility of that property owner. Property owners must take responsibility to keep stormwater free-flowing and free from pollutants.

Residential Drainage Fact Sheet
VDOT Drainage Brochure
Residential Drainage
If you have a concern about drainage, contact the Environmental Division at (540) 658-8830 to request a site visit to your property. Staff will help identify the problem, determine the party responsible for maintenance, and provide technical assistance as necessary

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