Requirements for Special Events

What Defines a Special Event?

A Special Event is any event that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Any event that is a parade, carnival, festival, block party (not for private or residential use), running, walking or bicycling event.
  • Any event to be held at a County facility with a projected attendance of 1,000 or more.
  • Any event that will require the use of County resources for security, crowd control, traffic control, fire or EMS.
  • Any event that requires the closure of any street or public right of way to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
  • Any event requiring interagency coordination that may change or restrict the normal levels of public service provided in Stafford County

*Please note, some events such as private, residential block parties or park rentals, may not require the Special Event process; however, the event may still require a permit

What You Need to Know

What would need a permit from Development Services?
  • Any event that requires temporary and/or permanent structures to be built (ex. Stage)
    • This would require the Miscellaneous Building Permit Application under "Commercial Projects" section of Forms & Checklists
  • Amusement fixtures (ex. rock walls, moon/bouncy house, amusement rides, etc.)
    • This would require the Amusement Device Application under "Commercial Projects" section of Forms & Checklists
  • Generators
    • This would require the Commercial Electrical Application under "Commercial Projects" section of Forms & Checklists
What are my steps?
  1. Fill out a Special Events Application from the Stafford County Department of Emergency Management. This is a one-stop shop to determine all resources you will need for your event.
  2. Apply for permits from each department as necessary