To apply for a residential basement permit you will need:

  1. Residential Change building permit application completed and signed by Contractor (with original signatures of sub-contractors and tradesmen) or Owner (with Notarized Affidavit of Owner)
  2. Two copies of a plan view of the basement must be provided identifying each room i.e., study, family room, laundry room, and bedroom. Stairs and other egresses, as required by code must be shown on the plan view. If an egress window or door is to be added or enlarged, additional plans and a plan review may be required, please contact the Building Division for more information. Please note; plans that are on paper sized larger than 11 x 17 require one paper copy and one electronic copy (CD in PDF format).
  3. Properties that are on a septic system will require Health Department approval for the addition of one or more bedrooms.
  4. Administrative, review, and inspection fees are due at the time of application. Please see our current Fee Schedule for more information.
  5. Please see our Basement Finishing Guide for additional information.

Associated Forms and Resources: