Project Details:

Current Status: under construction

Construction cost: $750,000

Construction Start: August 2022

Construction Completion: November 2022

Magisterial District: Rock Hill


Gary McCollum, P.E   540-658-4609


Project Description:

This project involves the rehabilitation of the 1.5 million gallon Amyclae elevated water tank.   Exterior and interior painted surfaces will have the paint removed,  walls cleaned, and new paint applied.  A new internal mixer will be installed as well as a cellular phone antenna corral on the top of the tank.  The tank will need to be covered/draped to allow for removal of the existing exterior paint.  

This tank is located adjacent to Rodney Thompson Middle School

Traffic impacts: 

Minimal impact other than periodic construction traffic using the bus loop entrance of the middle school during normal working hours.   The contractor is aware not to have construction deliveries during the school’s high traffic volume hours.


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