Staffordboro Boulevard Sidewalk

Citizen Information Meeting
Staffordboro Boulevard Sidewalk
Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Anne E. Moncure Elementary School
120 Juggins Rd
Stafford, VA 22556

This citizen information meeting is being held to provide an opportunity for citizens or organizations to give Stafford County comments and/or suggestions on the proposed project. Stafford County strives to ensure that all members of the community have the opportunity to participate in
public decisions on transportation projects and programs affecting them. The primary purpose of this project is to enhance pedestrian facilities along Staffordboro Boulevard by installing sidewalk.

The proposed improvements total approximately 1200 linear feet and generally involve the addition of new sidewalk along Staffordboro Boulevard from Juggins Road Connector to Pike Place. The sidewalk will be located adjacent to the road on the north side of the road from Juggins Road Connector to Foxwood Drive and adjacent to the road on the south side of the road from Foxwood Drive to Pike Place. Curb and gutter, as well as associated drainage structures and a grass buffer strip, will be provided between the sidewalk and the road. The adjacent travel lane will be milled and overlaid in accordance with the VDOT WP-2 Standard. The project also includes the design of American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant ramps and detectable warning surfaces in six (6) locations, and crosswalks in three (3) locations.

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Estimated Project Cost

  • Preliminary Engineering: $500,000
  • Right of Way and Utilities: $400,000
  • Construction: $885,000

    These costs are subject to change because development of the project is in its early design stages. The project will be funded using federal and state funds.

Anticipated Schedule

The following schedule has been proposed for the project These costs are subject to change because development of the project is in its early design stages. The project will be funded using federal and state funds.

  • Begin Right-of-Way Acquisition: Fall/Winter 2023  
  • Begin Utility Relocation: Summer 2024
  • Begin Construction: Spring 2025

Environmental Review

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is applicable to this project and a NEPA document in the form of a Programmatic Categorical Exclusion will be developed in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration and in accordance with federal guidelines. The NEPA document includes information from various technical reviews including those related to natural resources, water quality, cultural resources, threatened and endangered species, air quality, noise, etc. The project will be coordinated with the appropriate federal, state, and local agencies as part of environmental review and approval process required throughout project development and construction. All required environmental clearances will be obtained prior to commencement of construction. Strict compliance with all environmental conditions and commitments resulting from regulatory approvals, and implementation of VDOT's specifications and standard environment during construction.



Stafford County representatives will review and evaluate any information received as a result of the Citizen Information Meeting. Comments can be submitted at the hearing or mailed to Stafford County Capital Projects.

Contact Information:
Tom Washington, Project Manager
2128 Richmond Hwy, Suite 103
Stafford, VA 22554
Phone: 540-658-4506