Transportation Projects

Major projects throughout the County using local, state, and federal funding sources to make needed improvements on County roadways.

Transportation Bond Projects

Road Widening and Safety Improvement Projects 
Safety widening consists of widening the existing pavement section by approximately 2-feet on either side and overlaying the roadway with asphalt to create a wider pavement section to help increase safety and reduce run-off-the-road accidents. Click here for more information: Map of Major Construction and Road Widening Safety Improvements

Andrew Chapel Road  Garrisonville Road Rock Hill Church Road
Barrett Heights Road Hartwood Road Spotted Tavern Road
Brent Point Road Heflin Road Stefaniga Road
Brooke Road Joshua Road Tacketts Mill Road
Courthouse Road Kellogg Mill Road Telegraph Road
Cropp Road Little Whim Road Truslow Road
Decatur Road McWhirt Loop Woodstock Lane
Enon Road Poplar Road Winding Creek Road
Falls Run Drive Potomac Run Road  
Ferry Road Ramoth Church Road  

Other Projects
Completed Projects
VDOT Projects in Stafford County