Garrisonville Road - US-1 Right Turn Lane

Jefferson Davis Highway (US-1) at Garrisonville Road (SR-610) - Right Turn Lane

Intersection of SR-610 and US-1 had a failing Level of Service (LOS) during peak afternoon traffic periods. Furthermore, US-1 serves as the primary alternate route for I-95 when backups occur on the interstate.  Improvements to intersection include additional right turn lanes from southbound US-1 to allow increased traffic movement west on Garrisonville Road. Preventing daily queing of traffic into the US-1 southbound travel lanes.

- The US-1/SR-610 Intersection was identified in a September 2014 Route 1 Corridor Study as the County’s highest-volume intersection.
- Southbound US-1 traffic turning onto Garrisonville Road is projected to increase an additional 50% in the next 20 years

- Widens and improves 0.22 mile of Jefferson Davis Highway (US-1)
- Extends from the intersection with the I-95 Northbound On-Ramp to the intersection with Garrisonville Road (SR-610)
- Total Project Cost: $800,000
- Provides an additional 14’ right turn lane with curb to direct drainage runoff
- Modifies existing traffic signal for additional signal heads
- Improves traffic flow at the US-1/SR-610 Intersection
- Relocated the limited access fence for the I-95 exit ramp
- Traffic analysis indicated the additional turn lane reduces the approach delay to approximately 30 seconds as opposed to 3 minutes

- Alex Owsiak P.E. - Transportation Project Manager - (540) 658-4593 -