Brooke Road (Route 608)

Emergency Access Drive and Windermere Drive 

Stafford County and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) have partnered to find solutions to provide an Emergency Access Drive for residents along Brooke Road. This Emergency Access Drive will provide a new, safe way home for the families along Brooke Road during a major weather-related event. The County and VDOT will work together on funding the project and are pleased to deliver on the commitment to improve safety along Brooke Road. This partnership will continue efforts to find a long-term solution for the recurring flooding issues, including the future development of a permanent solution for Brooke Road. Stafford County appreciates the commitment of VDOT, especially for the residents of Brooke Road. 

Stafford County is exploring the development of a potential two-lane roadway, approximately 800 feet in length, between Windermere Drive and Crestwood Lane to provide through-travel access for Brooke Road area residents when the road is closed to traffic during emergencies. 
Cost and Schedule

  • Total estimated cost: up to $1.5 million (some of which VDOT will reimburse)
  • Estimated construction start date: Summer/fall 2022
  • Estimated completion date: Winter 2022/2023

Recent Activity

  • (NEW Update) Brooke Road Reconstruction continues in FY2024 CIP with the project improvements expected to start in FY2025.
  • Proposed right-of-way and drainage easements along Windermere Dr. Adjustment to the existing 50’ egress and ingress easement will be made to meet current road conditions and drainage easements have been identified.  The white lines represent the proposed adjustments to the 50’ easements and the yellow lines represent proposed drainage easements should the road be dedicated to VDOT.
  • The County has recently contracted with a civil engineering firm for the design of the Emergency Access Drive.
  • VDOT recently completed their aerial survey of Brooke Road and that data is being provided to the County to assist with design efforts.
  • A conceptual design of the access drive is currently ready for public review and comment. Click here to review the proposed alignment of the Brooke Road Emergency Access Drive.
    • How to leave a comment: 
      1. Residents can use the comment form below; or
      2. Residents can Email their comments directly to Stafford's Transportation Division: Email 
  • Stafford receives response from VDOT on May 21, 2021 regarding emergency funding availability: Click here to view response
Brooke Road Reconstruction

Stafford County is working towards the realignment and elevation of Route 608 (Brooke Road) between the intersections of Route 609 (Raven Road) and Route 2107 (Maplewood Drive) for a length of approximately 0.45 miles. As a major road project, several mechanisms have to be established to include feasibility, planning, funding. design, bidding, construction and final operation. 

Cost and Schedule

  • Total estimated cost: $7.5 million
  • Estimated design start date: Fall/Winter 2021
  • Estimated completion date: 5-7 years for design and completion of construction 

Recent Activity

Stafford County's Transportation Program Manager - Adam Derrick: E-mail

VDOT Fredericksburg Residency, Resident Engineer - Kyle Bates: E-mail
Click here for more information on VDOT's Route 608 Road Maintenance and Operations

Brooke Road Updates: 

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Who is responsible for maintaining Brooke Road?

The Virginia Department of Transportation is responsible for the maintenance of all state roads, such as Brooke Road. Click Here to view VDOT’s Major Initiatives: Route 608 (Brooke Road) Maintenance and Operations

Is Stafford County exploring a permanent solution to the recurring flooding issue along Brooke Road?
Yes. A plan to realign and elevate Route 608 (Brooke Road) between the intersection of Raven Road and Maplewood Drive for a length of approximately 0.45 miles. This $7.5M project to construct a permanent solution to Brooke Road is included in the County’s proposed FY22-31 Capital Improvements Plan with design work scheduled to begin in Fall/Winter 2021.
Why does it take so long to build a road?

To answer that question can be extensive, but to summarize: it takes years to complete transportation projects because of the enormous amount of work that is involved. Before actual construction can even begin, studies and design work must be completed. The proposed area must be surveyed. The environmental, social and economic impact of a road must be studied. A preliminary design of the roadway, must be reviewed by all stakeholders in the project, such as affected property owners and local governments. And finally, all permits must be secured before construction can begin. 

For more information on the process and timeline for building a road, please visit: VDOT’s How to Build a Road

How often does Brooke Road close?
Over the past three years, VDOT has had to close Brooke Road to traffic on approximately 13 occasions, outside of temporary closures by Public Safety.
How many residents are impacted by road closures on Brooke Road?
Road closures along Brooke Road impact approximately 450 residences
How long will it take to fix Brooke Road?
To realign and elevate Route 608 (Brooke Road) between the intersection of Raven Road and Maplewood Drive for a length of approximately 0.45 miles, it would take approximately 5 – 7 years to complete construction. Design work is anticipated to begin in the Fall/Winter 2021.
Has the County considered a connection between Courthouse Road and Brooke Crest Lane?
To construct the 0.6 mile, 2-lane roadway segment between the end of Courthouse Road and Brooke Crest Lane to VDOT standards for traffic and roadway classification, significant improvements to Courthouse and Brooke Crest would need to be implemented in addition to construction of the connecting segment. The Courthouse Road - Brooke Crest Lane connection would cost between $6-9M. The timeline to complete this project is approximately 5-7 years, making it not only cost prohibitive but also ineffective for achieving short-term, emergency concerns. The County plans to incorporate a study of secondary access to the peninsula during the upcoming transportation master plan.
What is the status on the removal of the beaver dams along Brooke Road?
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has finished removal of several beaver dams near the road, allowing water levels to return to what is considered the natural level. Brooke Road experiences recurring high water and flooding on a portion of the road that runs parallel to Accokeek Creek.
To learn more, please visit:
Will there be any improvements to Brooke Road between Eskimo Hill and Doke Lane?
Yes. The County’s 2019 Transportation Bond Referendum identified this portion of Brooke Road for road widening safety improvements.