Application Information

Appeal applications to the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) shall be filed in the Department of Planning and Zoning on approved forms. Each application shall be accompanied by a check for the fee established by the Board of Supervisors, payable to the County Treasurer and shall provide written verification from the County Treasurer that all delinquent real estate taxes on the subject property have been paid in full.

Fee Schedule

BZA Appeal Type Fee
Individual residential

(this amount includes a 2.75% technology fee)

(this amount includes a 2.75% technology fee)


  • An appeal to the BZA may be taken by any person aggrieved, or by an officer, department, board or bureau of the County affected, by any decision of the zoning administrator. Such appeal shall be taken within 30 days after the decision appealed from, by filing, with the zoning administrator, a notice of appeal specifying the grounds thereof. The zoning administrator shall forthwith transmit to the BZA all the papers constituting the record upon which the action appealed was taken. An appeal shall stay all proceedings in furtherance of the action appealed from, unless the zoning administrator certifies to the BZA that, by reason of facts stated in the certificate, a stay, would in his opinion, cause imminent peril to life or property, in which case proceedings shall not be stayed otherwise than by a restraining order granted by the BZA or by a court of record, on application and on notice to the zoning administrator and for good cause shown.
  • In exercising its powers, the BZA may reverse or affirm, wholly or partly, or may modify, the order, requirement, decision or determination appealed from. A favorable vote of four members of the BZA shall be necessary to reverse any order, requirement, or determination of any administrative official or to decide in favor of the applicant.
  • The BZA shall fix a reasonable time for the hearing of an application or appeal, give public notice thereof, as well as due notice to the parties of interest and decide the same within 60 days.
  • The BZA shall hear and decide appeals from any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative officer in the administration or enforcement of this chapter.