Comprehensive Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
A Comprehensive Plan is arguably the single most important document in a locality besides the County Code.  A Comprehensive Plan establishes goals, objectives, and policies that shape the future direction of a community as it relates to the physical development of its land.  Policies typically identify what the community’s vision is for anticipated growth.  More specifically, policies may identify where growth is desirable and establish the type and intensity of development.  A plan also should address the other interrelated aspects of growth, including: transportation, housing, public facilities, infrastructure, and natural and cultural resources.  The Plan serves as a guide upon which development proposals are evaluated to ensure conformance with the desires of the community.  As time passes, a Plan should be reevaluated and adjusted if conditions and community goals change.

Main Document - Comprehensive Plan 2016 - 2036
The Stafford County, Virginia Comprehensive Plan 2016 - 2036 (2016 - 2036 Plan) document, originally adopted on August 16, 2016, and updated on November 16, 2021, serves as the primary element of the Comprehensive Plan.

Other Plan Elements
The Comprehensive Plan in Stafford County consists of a collection of documents that relate to other aspects that affect growth and development. These other elements address environmental and cultural resources, special area studies, and economic development, to name a few. The 2016 - 2036 Plan ties all of these Plans together.

Comprehensive Plan Amendments
This section is reserved for future amendments to elements of the Comprehensive Plan. No amendments are proposed at this time.