Development Regulations

County Code
The following are some of the most common sections of the County Code that affect the use and development of land in Stafford County.

Ch. 21.5 – Stormwater Management
Ch. 22 – Subdivision Ordinance
Ch. 22A – Purchase of Development Rights Program
Ch. 25 – Water, Sewers, and Sewage Disposal
Ch. 27 – Wetlands
Ch. 27B – Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area
Ch. 28 – Zoning Ordinance

Design Manuals & Technical Guidance

Design and Construction Standards for Landscaping (DCSL) – Landscaping Manual
Landscaping Standard Notes (insert notes in ALL landscaping plans)

DCSL Planting Schedules
*fillable forms - use schedules linked below for ALL landscaping plans, as applicable

Street Buffer Schedule (Sec. 110.1 & 110.2)
Transitional Buffer Schedule (Sec. 110.3)
Parking Lot, Interior Schedule (Sec. 120.1)
Parking Lot, Perimeter Schedule (Sec. 120.2)
Parking Lot, Vehicle Access Drive Schedule (Sec. 120.3)
Street Trees, Residential Single-Family Detached Schedule (Sec. 120.4)
Street Trees, Residential Single-Family Attached/Multi-Family Schedule (Sec. 120.4)
Street Trees, Non-Residential Schedule (Sec. 120.4)
Credits Schedule (Sec. 140.0)

Lighting Requirements - Technical Guide

Transportation & Access
Private Access Easements - Technical Guide
Reverse Frontage & Shared Driveways - Technical Guide
VDOT Street Functional Classification Map
Comprehensive Plan Table 4.1 - Anticipated Transportation Needs (future ROW widths)

Architectural Guidelines
Neighborhood Development Standards Plan

Other Departments

Stormwater Management Web Page
Utilities Department Web Page
Permits Web Page