Current Development Projects

Development Applications (Technical Review Committee)

Applications for Commercial, residential, and other major development, including major site plans, preliminary subdivision plans, and subdivision construction plans, are reviewed by the Technical Review Committee. Staff from local and state agencies meet with the applicant and their engineer to ensure plans are prepared in accordance with the Stafford County Code. The Technical Review Committee meets 2 times per month. The following is a link to the meeting agendas with a summary of the proposed plans. 

Active Residential Development List and Map

The Active Residential Development List provides a summary of all residential construction activity that is approved or under construction, including the number of homes approved, issued building permits, and completed with occupancy permits. A corresponding map identifies the locations of these subdivisions.

Application Submittals Database

The following link provides a listing of the latest applications submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department, including the project name, number, applicant, engineer, application type, and parcel ID.

Application Approvals Database

The following link provides a listing of the latest approved applications.

Application Status Database / Integrated Web Response (IWR) System

The IWR system provides an up-to-date status of all development applications, including review comments.

Street Name Directory

The Planning and Zoning Department reviews and approves new street names and maintains the Official List of Street Names.  Street naming standards are located in the Zoning Ordinance. Street names shall not be duplicated. If your project proposes construction of new streets, please refer to the Official Street Name Directory to prevent duplications.

Planned Street Extensions 

See the locations of planned street signs to indicate future street extensions.

Restricted Parking

See if subdivision streets have restricted parking.