Pool Rules

  1. Patrons entering the facility must pay admission fees.

  2. Children ages 5 and under must be within arm’s reach of a supervising patron 16 years or older while in the pool.

  3. Children ages 10 and under must be accompanied by a supervising patron 16 years or older while using the facility.

  4. All flotation devices must be U.S. Coast Guard approved. Patrons wearing a personal floatation device must stay in shallow water and be within arm’s reach of a responsible party.

  5. Any patron with an infectious disease, nasal or ear discharge, exposed sub-skin tissue, or wearing a bandage may not enter the pool or splash pad.

  6. Appropriate swimming attire is required. No t-shirts or cutoffs.

  7. All swimmers must shower before entering the pool or splash pad.

  8. Unnecessary roughness, pushing, backwards jumping or diving, horseplay, sitting or standing on the shoulders and running are prohibited.

  9. Food, drink, gum, glass bottles, and all tobacco products are not allowed on the pool deck. Food and drink are permitted in grassy areas. Use of tobacco products is permitted in designated smoking areas outside of facility gates.

  10. Enter and exit the facility through the office. Gates are for emergency use only.

  11. Diving is permitted in designated areas of the pool (9 feet or deeper).

  12. The appropriate use of water toys and soft sporting equipment during recreational swim is allowed, but may be revoked if their use is deemed unsafe to other patrons.

  13. Kick boards, snorkels and fins are designated for Stafford County Aquatic Programs and Adult Lap Swim. Scuba gear and other self-contained breathing devices are not permitted unless approved in advance.

  14. Lanes may be designated for lap swim only during recreational swim. To avoid injury, do not swim across, under, or over the lane lines.

  15. Prolonged underwater swimming or breath-holding is discouraged.

  16. Stafford County Parks and Recreation is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

  17. Adult Swim occurs the last 15 minutes of every hour when more than 20 patrons are at the facility. Patrons 16 years and older are allowed to stay in the pool during this time. Children ages 5 and under may also stay in the pool when accompanied by an adult within arm’s reach.

  18. Please report all injuries or incidents to staff members.

  19. Please follow all instructions given by lifeguards and other staff members. Our staff is here for your safety and to ensure a pleasant environment for all patrons.