Youth First Regional Event

Our Mission
To build a stronger community by promoting collaboration among youth serving agencies. Access our website Here

Our Vision
A collaboration of community youth serving agencies who have a common vision to provide a venue to share resources, ideas, and promote communication between all agencies

About the Event
The Youth First Partnership organizes a day to provide training opportunities, promote networking, and to increase awareness of community based resources. Training sessions cover a wide variety of topics. These informational sessions will address youth issues and related topics and are led by community professionals. This event also provides opportunities for both profit and nonprofit vendors of child related services to present an overview of their programs. Participants of this event are professionals from various programs and agencies within the community including social workers, probation officers, and mental health workers.

Community Partnerships
Community support is integral to the process of moving towards our mission. Businesses can become community partners by sponsoring the Youth First Partnership with a contribution or by sponsoring a part of the event. Community partnership will support the continued efforts towards building a stronger community for our youth.

Current Partner

  • Stephanie Ball, Stafford County Human Services
  • Davy Fearon, Rappahannock Area Office on Youth
  • Donna Krauss, Stafford County Human Services
  • Sarah Walsh, Rappahannock United Way