Plan for Human Services

Services are provided to Stafford’s children and families by various state, local, not-for-profit, and faith-based organizations. Each of these organizations is a piece of the human services puzzle in serving Stafford’s children and families. The purpose of developing a plan for human services is to ensure we are leveraging service opportunities and scarce resources in meeting the needs of Stafford’s children and families: today and in the future. It also ensures we are taking a proactive and preventative approach to addressing the needs of our community.

The families our County serves are often facing challenges that create stress, confusion, frustration and anxiety. Our goal as servants to our citizens is assist our families through a “process” of obtaining the services they need to improve their lives. Often a family can feel overwhelmed. While they may initially understand what they need, navigating through the system while seeking services can be overwhelming. It is our goal to create an atmosphere and approachability that our families can interact with. This working environment will open the door to communication and understanding and better serve us in assisting identified families while also guiding them.

The process of developing this plan provided an opportunity for agency leaders to collaborate and work on improving relationships between agencies, particularly how we can best serve our County’s most valuable resource: its citizens.

Creating this collaborative network of organizations increases the comprehensive care we provide to Stafford’s children and families.

This network includes not only local government agencies but also non-governmental agencies including private, faith-based, and non-profit services providers and organizations that play a critical role in the delivery of human services. Although the process included a regional focus the strategies developed within the plan are unique for Stafford. This holistic approach will further the quality of service delivery within the County as it addresses the total person or family and furthers our efforts in becoming more efficient.