Youth Zone

Youth Zone

The American Red Cross provides emergency preparedness education to young people to build resilience in communities across the country and abroad. They have many age-appropriate preparedness materials include engaging activities and easy action steps that youth will find both fun and effective. For additional information visit Prepare with Pedro Activities

There’s nothing stopping you from becoming a Preparedness Champion! Learn, practice and share proper hand-washing techniques, emergency coping skills and home fire safety tips to help protect you and everyone in your household. You’ll also learn how the American Red Cross helps people in communities like yours. For additional information visit Become a Preparedness Champion

Disasters often strike quickly and without warning. They are frightening for adults, and can be traumatic for children. Your family may have to leave home and change your daily routine. Be prepared to give your children guidance that will help reduce their fears.

Preparedness starts with each one of us taking steps to stay safe before, during, and after disasters or emergencies. By setting aside the time and resources to be prepared at home, you can help keep you family safer – and help keep emergency responders safer, too! For additional information visit How families Can Prepare for Emergencies

Youth preparedness programs are now being offered in-person or virtually to students nationwide. Contact your local Red Cross for more information.

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