Volunteer/Clergy/Professional Visitors

With the goal of providing a more positive environment for Residents, RJC encourages volunteers and mentors to work with our Residents; to provide educational opportunity, religious/spiritual guidance, moral support, and legal services.

Our Deputy Superintendent provides all necessary application and certification paperwork to become a volunteer. She can be contacted at (540) 658-1691 extension 104 to provide additional information and/or answer questions concerning the Volunteer Program. Although the mandatory application process may take several weeks or even months to complete, it is vitally important to ensure the Residents’ safety and security. Once approved, a volunteer can schedule services through the Programs Manager. While volunteering, only those items absolutely necessary are allowed into the facility’s secure area; no beverages, food items, cell phones, keys, pencils, etc. These items may be stored in the Front Lobby lockers or simply left in a car. Valid identification must always be surrendered to Main Control; it is returned upon departure.

Volunteer Programs are scheduled from 0800–2000 during non-school months, and after 1500 (3:00 PM) during school months. For security purposes, visits are not authorized during mealtime or facility shift change. Those times are:
1150-1230 (Mid-day meal)
1350-1415 (Shift Change)
1650-1730 (Afternoon meal)

Authorized professional visitors (Probation Officers, Social Workers, etc.) do not need prior approval but must provide appropriate agency credentials and identification prior to meeting with any Resident.

Lawyers/Attorneys have unrestricted access to client Residents detained at RJC. A current American Bar Association Identification Card along with picture identification is required for access.

Clergy members who wish to visit a Resident must have preauthorized consent from the Court Services Unit (CSU) with jurisdiction and present valid identification prior to access.