Resident Information

While in detention, all Residents are required to attend and participate in the facility’s school program regardless of academic standing. RJC’s school and its employees are funded and operated by the Spotsylvania County School Board. The curriculum and academic calendar are similar to other schools located in Spotsylvania County. Residents’ academic performance is recorded and provided to their last school of record prior to detention.

RJC provides several licensed Mental Health Specialists for a wide variety of Resident services. These specialists conduct mental health screenings and assessment services during the intake process and continue to provide counseling, diagnostic and referral services throughout the Resident’s detention. Mental Health Services also works with the Post-Disposition Program staff, Residents, and parents to determine and implement a variety of treatment services.

RJC Medical Services is responsible for storage and administration of prescription medication. When a Resident arrives without his/her prescription(s), the parent or legal guardian is responsible to ensure they are provided to the Center and refilled if appropriate. The parent or legal guardian, upon release, must sign for the return of all prescriptions. Over-the-Counter medications are approved and administered by RJC Medical Services.

When a Resident processes into the Center with inappropriate or unacceptable clothes for court, the parent/legal guardian may exchange them for appropriate clothing. The parent/legal guardian must sign for the return of and receipt of all clothing. Residents are not allowed to have more than one change of clothing at a time in storage. Clothing exchanges are ONLY AUTHORIZED Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and CANNOT be accepted on the day of court. Prior to storage, all clothing is inspected for contraband. When a Resident has no proper clothing on a scheduled court date, he/she is provided a clean facility jumpsuit.

Upon admission, all Resident clothing and personal items are surrendered for inventory and secure storage until release. During admission, Residents must sign to acknowledge surrender of all items. When released, the Resident will sign to acknowledge that all items have been returned. Residents do not have access to stored items during detention. Residents have 90 days from the date of release to reclaim all personal items stored. In accordance with RJC policy, any personal items of marketable value stored in excess of 90 days are donated to various local charities; all other items are disposed of and/or destroyed.