Community Placement Program

Rappahannock Juvenile Center in partnership with the Department of Juvenile Justice offers a Community Placement Program (CPP). The CPP is a placement alternative for youth that have been committed to the Virginia Department of Juvenile. CPPs are highly structured, disciplined residential programs in JDCs for committed juveniles. A goal of the CPPs is to place residents closer to their home communities to facilitate an easier transition after release. CPPs focus on addressing specific treatment needs and risk factors and developing competency in the areas of education, job readiness, and life and social skills. Services provided focus on risk factors that can be changed using cognitive behavioral techniques and tailoring services to meet individual needs. Additional services include; individual and family therapy, substance abuse treatment, moral reasoning, and aggression reduction therapy. Programs use the Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI) as the basis for case planning to address criminogenic need areas. Juveniles are housed in units separate from the JDC population.

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