YES Application for Participation

yes program
Stafford County “YES” Program

Youth Engaged in Stafford
Stafford County and Stafford County Public Schools are pleased to offer a program that seeks to engage our youth in local government. The Youth Engaged in Stafford (YES) Program provides 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students an opportunity to learn about county government while also giving youth a hands-on experience in the daily processes and decisions that make Stafford County a great community to live, work, and raise a family. As community members, your voice is integral to this process and Stafford County wants to hear from you!
You have two opportunities to be involved. You can participate on a Board, Authority, Committee, or Commission (BACC), or you can become a member of our Youth Advisory Council that will work with the Leadership Team of the county on projects.

Say YES and become engaged in local government!

Please indicate up to three of the Boards, Authorities, Committees, and Commissions in which you are interested in participating.

Please upload two letters of recommendation (one from a teacher/one personal) as well as a resume.

Disclaimer* “I, as well as my parents/guardian, understand that participation on a BACC or the Youth Advisory Council requires a significant commitment of time and energy, attending monthly meetings, and participating in activities. I am willing to make that commitment and my parent/guardian supports me.”