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Holiday Program Sponsor Form

  1. Below are options for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Choose one or both. Thank you for your support.

  2. Who would you like to gift to: Thanksgiving Assistance Recipient

  3. What size family would you prefer making a basket for? 1-8 kids? A single-individual basket? If helping out one of our seniors, how many?

  4. Any other information you would like to provide or any questions you have for us.

  5. * If you are looking for a unique way to transport the basket, a hamper is a solid "basket".

  6. Who would you like to gift to: Christmas Assistance Recipient

    Please chose a group you would like to donate to for the Christmas holiday.

  7. Give information regarding your potential recipient. What age? Sex? Family size? Number of seniors? A combination of any of these groups? This is the space to describe who you would like to gift. Please think about helping out someone unique this holiday season.

  8. Comments, questions, ideas... etc.

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