If the referendum passes, what are the next steps?

Stafford County bond packages are planned to fund specific road projects and are issued, as needed, in increments until 2027. These projects take a number of years to complete with the goal to complete them as quickly as possible. Prudent financial management dictates that the proportionate amount of bonds be issued to coincide with the annual cash flow requirements for construction costs associated with the respective capital projects.

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1. What is a referendum, and why are we having one?
2. What is bond financing?
3. If the Bond passes, what will it cost?
4. Will the approval of this bond package affect the County’s financial health?
5. Once approved, can the bonds be used for other purposes?
6. How were the road projects included in the 2019 transportation bond referendum selected?
7. What is the difference between major projects and safety widening projects?
8. What steps were taken to arrive at the need for a transportation bond referendum?
9. How were the road project costs determined?
10. If the referendum passes, what are the next steps?
11. Without the bond referendum, how is Stafford planning for future transportation improvements?
12. What was accomplished with the 2008 transportation bond referendum?