If the Bond passes, what will it cost?

The annual debt service on a $50 million bond would be approximately $4.2 million each year. The County has eight years to access the bond funding and will not issue all $50 million at one time. The selected project list could be completed with the bond amount in conjunction with other funding sources. Stafford County enjoys a Triple-AAA bond rating and, as a result, should be able to obtain competitive interests rates on its bonds. The debt payments associated with the bond package fit within the County’s current debt capacity.  The County has four revenue streams dedicated to transportation, including gasoline sales tax, state recordation tax, interest earnings and transportation impact fees.  If these funds are insufficient to pay the debt service, money would come from the General Fund. The debt service is spread out over several years based on the timing of construction, as the County only issues bonds as needed.  

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1. What is a referendum, and why are we having one?
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3. If the Bond passes, what will it cost?
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