Are these the only Children who may be Served?
No! If funds are available, localities may choose to serve other children with emotional or behavioral problems, especially those with multi agency involvement. Parents will be required to contribute financially toward the cost of CSA-funded services.

In the County of Stafford, "non-mandated" funds are available for identified children. These funds are limited and the County of Stafford is not required to appropriate sufficient funds to serve this population.

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1. What is the Children's Services Act for At Risk Youth and Families (CSA)?
2. How did it get started?
3. Which Funding Streams were placed in the Funds Pool?
4. Who Manages the Money at the Local Level?
5. Who Participates on the Local Teams?
6. Which Children may be Served by the Teams?
7. Are these the only Children who may be Served?
8. How do Children and Families access the Teams?