The inspector did not show up to do my deck inspection. What happens now?
All inspections are, if possible, completed by the date they are scheduled. There are times due to number/ volume of inspections or personnel staffing where all inspections scheduled for a given day may not be completed. If the inspector sees they will not complete their inspection schedule for the day, the inspector will rank the inspections based on priority. The following project types may receive priority at the inspector’s discretion:

• Holdovers from the previous day
• Homeowners (as many take time from work to meet the inspector)
• Concrete pours as the concrete delivery is scheduled and anticipated
• Final inspections for new homes (as this affects closing dates and moving plans)
• Ditches/ trenches that pose a hazard
• Electrical service inspections that require power interruptions

As you can see there are many circumstances that require a sense of urgency. We appreciate your patience as we make every effort to provide efficient service to Stafford County residents and contractors.

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