Commissioner of the Revenue


1300 Courthouse Road
2nd Floor
Stafford, VA 22554

PO Box 98
Stafford, VA 22555

(540) 658-4132

(540) 658-4120

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The mission of the Commissioner’s office is to serve the citizens of Stafford County by providing the highest level of customer service, integrity and fiscal responsibility. We will apply fairly, uniformly and impartially the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the County of Stafford, while remaining accountable to the citizens of Stafford.

The Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue is a Constitutional office. It is an elected four-year term and serves at the pleasure of the voters.

Name Title Email Phone
Gillispie, Linda   (540) 658-4132
Mayausky, Scott Commissioner of the Revenue  
Sienkowski, Mike   (540) 658-4132
Epperson, Amy   540-658-4132 ext. 1150
Shannon, Susan   540-658-4132 ext. 1136