Telecommunications Commission 
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The commission promotes and encourages compliance with the franchise agreements among the cable companies operating within Stafford County, reviews and advises the Board on cable television services, telecommunications, broadband (both wireline and wireless) and local infrastructure issues, and promotes local community programming to keep citizens informed.

Name Title Email Phone
Roinestad, Brian Aquia District (540) 272-9858
Vacant, Rock Hill
Yeung, Pamela Garrisonville (202) 253-9122
Dillie, Jr., David Griffis-Widewater District (540) 841-7581
Baxter, Brian Hartwood (540) 273-6464
Kolandjian, Greg Falmouth (540) 737-8150
Schuler, Marie Director of Govt. and Community Affairs, Comcast (703) 567-4488
Anderson, Louise Verizon (703) 351-3586
Button, Aaron Cox Communications (703) 480-7715
Howell, Shannon Stafford Govt Representative (540) 658-4893
Schultis, Bradley (703) 498-9001