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Posted on: October 3, 2018

October Boil Water Update #2


Stafford, Va. – Stafford County issued a boil water alert early this morning for areas in the southern part of the county due to complications from a water main break yesterday. Stafford Utilities is currently flushing lines in the affected area to clear out the system and expects to complete flushing by Thursday morning, October 4, 2018. After the flushing is completed, residents are asked to run their water for five minutes to flush out any remaining discolored water. If the discolored water is still present, residents should call Stafford Utilities at (540) 658-8616.

Authorities are currently conducting tests per Virginia Department of Health protocols. Because water main breaks typically result in shifts of water pressure that could lead to contamination, Stafford County is strongly advising residents to boil water or use bottled water for consumption. Furthermore, the additional water main break on Route 1 near Stafford High School earlier today has been repaired and poses no impact to southern Stafford.

Residents may visit Stafford’s website at to determine if their address falls in the affected area. Stafford County has provided an interactive map in which residents can input their address to see if they fall within the Boil Water Alert areas. Residents with questions may call the Utilities Department at (540) 658-8616.

Please see tips below on Boil Water Alerts from the Virginia Department of Health.

  • How long should I boil the water?
    • Bring tap water to a full rolling boil, let it boil for one minute, and let it cool before using.
  • Should I boil the tap water used to make baby formula?
    • Yes. Only use boiled tap water or bottled water for mixing formula for your baby.
  • Should I boil the tap water used in cooking?
    • All tap water used in cooking must first be boiled for one minute unless the cooking process involves boiling for one minute or more.
  • Should I boil tap water for brushing my teeth?
    • Yes. Any tap water that might be swallowed should be boiled before use.
  • Is it necessary to boil water to be used for hand washing? Is any special soap necessary?
    • No. It is not necessary to boil the tap water used for washing hands, and no special soaps are required.
  • What about my bath water?
    • There is no need to boil water for bathing or showering. Adults, teens, and older children can shower or bathe, though they should avoid getting water in the mouth or swallowing the water. Infants and toddlers should be sponge bathed. No special soaps are necessary. Care should be taken to prevent water from getting into deep open or post-surgical wounds. Consult your physician or healthcare provider for wound care instructions.
  • Do I need to use boiled water for washing clothes or flushing the toilet?
    • No.
  • Can I use my dishwasher?
    • Household dishwashers generally are safe to use if the water reaches a final rinse temperature of at least 150°F or if the dishwasher has a sanitizing cycle.


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