Posted on: January 4, 2017

Happy Birthday, Quantico!

Stafford County offers its sincerest congratulations to Marine Corps Base Quantico on its 100th year anniversary as well as 100 years of friendship with Stafford County. Not only has the base been a valuable business partner, generating more than $5 billion annually into the area economy, it has been an excellent community partner. The Marines who have been stationed at Quantico and their families have been incredible assets to community life in Stafford County – volunteering at schools, churches, youth organizations, civic groups and participating in public service. Their diverse experience all over the world has enriched our community and made Stafford a very special place to live. As well, the base has been the impetus for many high quality jobs and world class employers choosing to locate in Stafford, helping to add to the more than 42,000 jobs available in the county. Stafford is very appreciative of Quantico and its role in helping to make Stafford a leader in the state in job creation, bringing great families to Stafford and enriching our community and schools and the feeling of safety and patriotism its very presence instills.  Congratulations on your 100th year and we look forward to many more years of friendship and partnership.

Quantico Centennial Anniversary Video
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