Public Construction

The Public Construction Division of the Department of Public Works manages the construction of projects built to serve the citizens of the County. Projects include the redesign and renovation of current County-maintained buildings and the construction of new facilities such as fire and rescue stations, libraries, office buildings, public safety buildings and road construction or reconstruction. Included in the construction process is the budgeting, contracting and management of projects. 

Community Facilities Map



  • Fire & Rescue Station 14
Station 14 Rendering 8.5x11
  • New Two-Story Fire & Rescue Station - 18,000 SF - combination of conventional construction & pre-engineered building system


Animal Shelter
Designed with the mental and physical well-being of animals as well as the well-being of the people who work and visit the shelter.  Living conditions are also geared towards ensuring animals are well-adjusted to increase adoptions and enrich the lives of the families who adopt them.


  • Embrey Mill - Phase 3 - Athletic Fields 9, 10 & 11
  • Belmont-Ferry Farm Trail - Phase 6



Capital Improvements Program (CIP) 
FY2020 - FY2029

The CIP (Capital Improvements Program) consists of project descriptions and expenditures. The CIP is a long-term plan for developing or improving public facilities. The typical CIP includes a multi-year schedule of proposed public facility expansions. It lists major non-recurring expenditures for libraries, museums, fire and rescue stations, parks, large building renovations, and street construction or rconstruction. Costs associated with capital projects include feasibility studies, architectural and engineering design, land appraisal and acquisition, construction, and installation of related furnishings and equipment for new facilities. 

Since many public facility improvements are large and expensive projects, utilizing a CIP enables local government to anticipate and budget for capital items years in advance. Stafford County's CIP includes all projects with a construction estimate or purchase value of $500,000 or more.


  • Embrey Mill Park - Phase 3 
  • Armed Services


  • Jeff Rouse Swim & Sports Center
  • Mine Road Sidewalk
  • Wayfinding Signs System - Signs at the entrances to the County
  • Gateway Signs & Trailblazer Signs

Belmont-Ferry Farm Trail Sections 1, 2, 3 & 5 Map


  • Historic assets near the trail include the Cotton Warehouse; Duff Green Warehouse; Cambridge Inn (now Amy’s Café); Temperance Tavern; Barnes House; Magistrate's Office; Counting House; Basil Gordon House; Moncure Conway House (boyhood home of the South's most prominent abolitionist); Shelton Cottage; and the remnants of Union Church. 

  • Courthouse Streetscape
  • 350th Celebration Amphitheater Stage at Pratt Park
  • Chichester Building 
    • A 13,800 square foot office building located on the Government Center Campus, 1300 Courthouse Road. The former Rescue 1 building was completely demolished. The building serves the Commonwealth's Attorney, the Court Services Unit and the Victim Witness staff.
  • Community Development Services Center (CDSC) - A combined service center to handle building, planning and associated development functions located on the 2nd Floor of the George L. Gordon, Jr. Government Center.