Construction Projects

Commitment to Quality

Stafford County Department of Utilities is committed to providing the best water and wastewater services in Virginia. To help us meet this goal, we presently have many projects in design and construction to increase capacity, meet tougher regulatory requirements, and generally improve our level of service. In some cases, these projects will require temporary disruption in service along with the inconvenience of construction operations. We hope all affected customers will be patient with the temporary inconvenience.

Current Projects

A partial list of current projects is as follows:
  • Austin Run Gravity Sewer Replacement
  • Celebrate Virginia Water Tank
  • Claiborne Run Sewer Interceptor Replacement
  • Falls Run Sewer Interceptor Replacement (Phase II - Bore under I-95)
  • Route 1 North Sewer Line
  • Sanford to Olde Forge Water Line

Austin Run Gravity Sewer Replacement

Approximately 1,100 feet of undersized and deteriorated gravity sewer will be replaced with a 42-inch gravity sewer line to the Aquia Wastewater Treatment Facility, where a new screw lift station will be constructed to replace the existing Austin Run sewage pumping station. A projected construction date is Fall 2016.

Celebrate Virginia Water Tank

Construction of a 1 million gallon elevated water storage tank on Greenbank Road in Celebrate Virginia near Banks Ford Parkway. The tank will replace the existing tank at Berea Church Road, which will be demolished. The construction of this project is underway and completion is expected in Fall of 2016.

Claiborne Run Sewer Interceptor Replacement

Replacement of 2,100 feet of deteriorated 18-inch sewer with a new 42" pipe near Cool Spring Road and Deacon Road. Work on the first phase began in August 2006. Construction is scheduled to begin in summer of 2016.

Falls Run Sewer Interceptor Replacement (Phase II-Bore under I-95)

Replacement of a deteriorated 18-inch sewer line with new 42-inch gravity sewer lines through 400 linear feet of steel casing under I-95. This project will connect to the recently replaced interceptor east of I-95 and will allow for the future upgrade of the interceptor to the west of I-95.

Route 1 North Sewer Line

Approximately 4,400 feet of 30-inch gravity sewer along and parallel to Route 1. Will replace deteriorated gravity sewer and provide additional capacity to move wastewater from the northern part of the county, including Boswell's corner targeted growth area, toward the Aquia Creek Pump Station at Route 1 and Telegraph Road. Construction is expected to start in spring of 2016 with a completion date of December 2016.

Sanford to Olde Forge Water Line

Construction of approximately 16,000 linear feet of 30-inch diameter waterline from the intersection of Greenbank Road and Sanford Drive to the Olde Forge neighborhood. This transmission line will transport water from the Lake Mooney Water Treatment Facility to the Southeast portions of the County. This project is expected to be complete in late summer of 2016.