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The Virginia Underground Damage Prevention Act requires anyone planning to perform any digging, grading, trenching, or other similar activities to provide at least 48 hours notice to utilities such as the telephone company, the cable television company, the electric power company, and the water and sewer utility, so that they may mark any underground lines they may have in the area of the planned excavation.

This notification can be provided by making one call to the Miss Utility notification center at 8-1-1. Miss Utility will then notify all of the affected underground utilities that they need to mark their lines.


The marking is done with colored paint or flags. Each utility has a designated color. This provides the excavator with information as to what utilities to expect in the area of his/her excavation.

The color designations are:

  • Blue - Water systems, slurry systems, irrigation systems
  • Green -Sewer systems and drain lines
  • Orange - Telecommunications systems, police and fire communications, cable television, alarm or signal lines, cable, or conduit
  • Red - Electric power lines, cables, conduits, lighting, and transmission lines
  • White - Proposed route of excavation
  • Yellow - Gas distribution and transmission, oil and petroleum products distribution and transmission, dangerous materials, product lines, steam lines